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Unmanned technologies are used in video monitoring of terrain, geodesy and cartography, environmental protection, mine surveying, agriculture and forestry, construction, as well as tracking and eliminating the consequences of emergency situations.

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Production-Innovative Company "DEVIRO" was founded in Ukraine in 2014.


Our specialization is the design, development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles, software for the analysis and processing of the received information.


Using our colossal practical experience, we produce high-quality UAS and our own unique software.


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The company consists of more than forty employees, whose long-term experience allows us to develop and successfully implement projects of any complexity.




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Leleka-100 - the most mass-produced in the CFO zone in Ukraine

"Leleka-100 drone is the most widely used multipurpose unmanned aerial vehicle in the CFO zone in Ukraine, 46% of all combat missions were conducted by this UAV".

This was stated by Denis Cherednichenko, co-owner of Production-Innovative Company "DEVIRO", in an interview with Security Talks.


According to him, Production-Innovative Company "DEVIRO" was founded in Ukraine in 2014, after supplying the army 15 UAVs, which were prototypes of Leleka-100.


Now more than 300 Leleka-100 UAVs have been delivered to the Army, - noted Cherednichenko, adding that "DEVIRO" is ready to develop the UAV sphere, including the creation of an attack UAV or kamikaze drone - the kamikaze is already being actively experimented by the partner company.


The specialization of "DEVIRO" is designing, development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles, software for analysis and processing of the received information.


Leleka-100 is a Ukrainian military multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicle developed by "DEVIRO" company.


Leleka-100 was designed by specialists from the company "DEVIRO" in an aircraft type configuration, however, it is important to clarify that the device has compact overall dimensions, in particular, with a fuselage length of 1 meter drone 14 centimeters, wingspan is 1 meter 98 centimeters, which in turn significantly simplifies the process of operation and transportation of this aircraft. In addition, it should be taken into account that this aircraft has a high maneuverability, so the device is perfectly suited to fulfill the goals and objectives.

Border guards conducted training with the

 In the Cherkassy region, border guards learn to monitor the air border with the help of an unmanned aerial system (UAS) "Leleka-100".


According to the press service of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the border guards have already acquired skills in the basics of day and night piloting and have mastered the methods and techniques of air reconnaissance.


The training was held at the Main Personnel Training Center of the Igor Momot State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.


Recall that "Leleka 100" border guards handed over to the representatives of the manufacturer for free. Also, representatives of the manufacturer conducted a training course for instructors and engineering and technical staff of the Center to prepare for the use and operation of unmanned aerial systems. The personnel of the Center received a sufficient level of knowledge and skills and was admitted to independent operation and maintenance of UAs.


SBGS training center received UAS


The main training center of the State Border Guard Service named after Major-General Igor Momot (m/u 9930) received an unmanned aerial system "Leleka 100" for free.



The system was handed over by representatives of LLC "Production-Innovative Company "DEVIRO" on April 16, inform the press service of the State Border Service. It is designed for air reconnaissance patrol, mapping of the area with the ability to transmit operational information and obtain accurate geographical coordinates in real time.


The UAS consists of two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a ground control station and additional equipment. The UAV is weatherproof and can be used at any time of day or night.


The system implements the concept of automated control of the aircraft throughout the flight, which greatly simplifies the operator's work and allows him to focus on the analysis of operational information. Such equipment allows border guards to protect the Ukrainian border effectively from criminals and external aggression.


In the future, during the practical exercises, the border guards will acquire skills in unmanned aerial vehicle control and will perform tasks of object search, recognition and tracking.


The system will also be used to improve skills of instructor-operators and directly at the border.

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