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UAV DEVIRO 'Leleka-100'
TC У 30.3-40006469-001:2016
NSN 1550-61-013-0496
  • Agriculture
  • Geodesy
  • Mine Surveying
  • Industrial engineering
  • Highway engineering
  • Survey of transmission lines and pipelines
  • Service of forest and water industries
  • Support for emergency response

Main Specifications
1980 mm / 1135 mm
Take off weight
5 ± 0,5 kg
kevlar-glass-carbon fiber composite
Maximal flight altitude
1500 m
Operating temperature
-20С to +40С
Wind resistance
20 m/s
Cruise speed
60 – 70 km/h
Route guaranteed length
100 km
2 - 2.5 hours
Radio link range
45 km two-way digital telemetry data channel with encryption
Flight plan programming
in a visual mode with online/offline satellite maps
Flight control system
autopilot with the full auto and navigation mode

modular variable:

"F16x9" module is daylight, remote controlled, gyro stabilized in two axes, fixed 4X optical zoom;

"Z10x32" module is daylight, remote controlled, gyro stabilized in two axes, 20X variable optic

Video link

remote controlled digital link 720p HD, stable transmission to 45km LOS

Take off method
hand / catapult
Landing method
belly landing / parachute
Basic set (Base)

Main equipment:

UAV Leleka -100
3 pcs


Module 'Z10x32'
2 pcs
Module 'F16x9'
2 pcs
Module 'Т25x25' (thermal vision module)
2 pcs
Training module 'TM'
1 pcs

Ground equipment:

laptop with an IP54 certification
1 set
Video registration/recording station
1 set
Telemetry data link antenna
1 set
Video data link antenna
1 set
Mast for antennas with unit fitting
1 set
UAV remote control
1 pcs
1 pcs
Starting rubber catapult set
1 set

General and special software:

Operating system MS Windows
1 set
DeViRo flight control center
1 set
Flight simulator
1 set


Set of spare parts, tools and accessories
1 set
Documentation, user manual, flight manual
1 set
UAV transporting case
3 pcs
Technical brief

          Unmanned aviation complex "Leleka-100" is autonomous distance-controlled UAV for different tasks of the aerial reconnaissance, patrolling, mapping of the area with the possibility of actual information transfer in the real-time mode.


          In this complex is realized the conception of automatized control during all flight, what makes the job of operator much easier and allows focusing attention on the analysis of information what comes from the UAV.


          UAV control is carried out through cryped digital radio channel, which allows receiving telemetry data over all period of the flight. Operator can trace on the satellite maps location of UAV, correct the route, operate with a payload and give other commands to UAV. Even in the case of signal suppression, the UAV is able to continue the autonomy flight, return and make landing in the programmed point.


          UAV have special anti-electronic warfare system, which recognize intentional interference environment (GPS blocking/spoofing) and automatically switch to SINS/AHRS inertial mode.

          To make it impossible to determine the place of takeoff UAV can takeoff in radio silence mode. The operator can switch on and off video transmission at any time.


          UAV have a great wind resist parameters and can be used to 20 m/s wind speed. Flight radius 55 km (total route distance 100km), endurance time 2-3 hours, on condition: air temperature -200С to +400С, wind speed to 12 m/s.


          DeViRo flight control center software makes it easy to plan and simulate mapping mission. Mission planning takes place in a visual mode, the software will warn if exceeded the maximum length of the route.  Flight control center provides the tools for quick access to the payload control functions, mission correction, emergency options. During the flight, the operator receives detailed information about the UAV and about the environment.